Think and Grow Rich- Book Summary


Napoleon Hill was a journalist and writer who fortunately got a chance to interview the richest person of the time Andrew Carnegie. Interview was going good. Suddenly Carnegie put across a very serious deal in front of Napoleon. Carnegie said that I know many people are going to fail in their life in the process of doing everything in order to become successful. But in reality the principle of becoming successful is universal, means equal and same for every individual. So instead of utilizing their time to learn that principle, it will be better if they learn from us. Hence I want you to prepare a philosophy and a book in which some of the world’s most successful people’s wisdom and knowledge will be there which can help others to become successful at lesser time. I will give you a chance of interviewing world’s most famous and rich people; will help you to increase your network and contacts. But for this I will only give you a traveling expense, nothing else. So would you like to accept this offer? Just after thinking few seconds Napoleon accepted the offer. After that Napoleon did research for almost twenty years and took interviews of 500 most rich and successful people and then made an amazing book. The name of the book is Think and Grow Rich.

This book is the only book which has changed many lives and made their fortunes which was never done by any other book. No doubt this is one of the best book in its category. We must learn and understand each and every point in details.


In order to fulfill your dream the very first step is having a very strong and burning desire towards it. Not just a wish. Example: Most of the people by looking at sports car, they just wish that I would have that expensive car. On the other hand people who have strong desire think like, I love this Ferrari Enzo and for sure will have it and will buy it one day. These kinds of people having such thinking convert their dreams into reality.

Strong Desire = Maximum Chances to Achieve

Because the fact is the more strong desire a person will have towards achieving their goals, more chances he will achieve it. Do your hard work, put your time and energy in order to make your dreams come true. Napoleon Hill says that we can use this principle in order to earn money by following 6 steps procedure

  1. Fix in your mind the exact amount of money you want to have in your possession.

Not only think that I want to earn a lot of money without considering any realistic figure instead decide the fix amount that you want to earn. Without this decision you will be like a ship who has moved into the sea but does not know about the destination and it has maximum chances to sink.

  1. Decide exactly what you intend to give in return for the money you desire.

To earn that much money decide what are the things you are ready to sacrifice. For Example decide in order to earn that amount I am ready to give my maximum time for it. I am ready to work for this many hours, ready to sacrifice my sleep etc. As it says, In the world if you want something you have to give something

  1. Establish a definite date when you intend to possess the money you desired.

Decide a fix that that I will earn that much amount before the date I have decided, no matter what happened but I will earn for sure.

  1. Create a definite plan and begin to implement it immediately.

No make a plan whichever way you want to and start working on it immediately. Do not wait that I will make a better plan than this or a perfect plan and then will follow it. Do not wait and avoid procrastination because there is nothing like perfect plan. Just start taking actions.

  1. Write Down Every Thing

Based on the first 4 steps write it down clearly about the amount of money you will acquire, the time limit for its acquisition, what you will give in return and your plan for accumulating it in your book or diary. It will give you a direct start and will help you to move ahead.

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  1. Read it Daily

Everything which you has written, look at it twice in a day and read it loudly and repeat it again and again. By doing this, that thing will get store in your subconscious mind, which is very important to think and grow rich.

4- Specialized Knowledge

Knowledge is of two types.

1-General Knowledge

2-Speacilaised knowledge

But the problem is most of the people usually store their mind with first type of knowledge like general knowledge, news, facts and figures which most of the time does not help them in real life. On the other side successful people usually store specialized knowledge about the particular field in their mind and become expert in that particular field. In return it helps them to earn more money in real life.

Example: A normal doctor who has a clinic and gives medicines for all type of diseases earn lesser amount compare to a doctor who is specialized just by becoming the expert of any one part of human body.

Related to this topic and interesting story has been shared in this book is once Henry Ford was called an ignorant pessimist by a newspaper writer and also wrote bad things about him. For this Henry Ford file a case against them. When proceeding started in the court, the opposite lawyer started asking Henry Ford weird questions like who is benedict Arnold, how many soldiers did England send to America in 1776 to stop the rebellion etc and asked many offensive questions as well. He got tired of listening to such questions and finally his patience broke down. Henry Ford said by pointing his finger towards the lawyer if I really have to give an answer for such stupid questions. Before this I would like to remind you one thing that under my desk there is line of such electric push buttons of which I can call such a person by pressing the right button who can answer my all questions including about the business which I am doing with all my efforts. Now would you like to tell me why I should fill my mind with all these general knowledge which will never be useful for me? While I can get the answer for any question just by pressing a button (Now you can replace those buttons in today’s search engine Google). After listening to it, lawyer paused a bit and rest also found it logical. Everyone came to know that Henry Ford is not an ignorant pessimist instead he is truly educated person who know that what all things he must know and what he should not.

Most of the people do the mistake by storing useless information in their mind which does not benefit them. Our education system has a lot of contribution for this phenomenon.

Napoleon Hill suggests that do not try to become master of everything, instead just try to become master in one particular field by taking lot of knowledge about that one field and practice it so that no one can be better than you in that field. Because this specialized knowledge will help you to earn more money.

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It is said that “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.”

Now if you find this as a huge statement then do remember that human beings achieved so much in the last 150 years with the help of imagination which has never been achieved before in the entire human history.

Example: Years ago if you would have said that one day person will site inside the metal box and will fly from one country to another within a day, people would have said that you are mad. But today this imagination is in reality in the form of aeroplane, helicopters, seaplanes etc. With the help of imagination of henry ford imagination traveling through car has become possible instead of horse carriage. Just pressing a few numbers in a small box and talking to someone living in any corner of the world was also the unbelievable idea or imagination. Similarly many things has become possible, billion dollar business has been created just with the power of imagination.

Similarly to convert your desire into physical money, you also need imagination and idea. Imagination which we can call idea as well are of two types:

1-Synthetic imagination means to observe some else’s idea or imagination and to modify it or by mixing two different ideas or improving same idea and implement in a new way. Synthetic  imagination is very common which come by our own experience or by observing different things.

2-Creative Imagination is basically a new idea which has never been implemented before.

This imagination is similar to how to start a startup book summary


Burning desire and persistence these two are the magical combination which can make anyone successful.

Example: There was a boy who was partially deaf in childhood. One day his teacher wrote a note to his family in which it was written your son is stupid and he can never do anything in his life and please remove him out of school. For this his mother replied my son is not stupid and I will teach him by myself and he will for sure become successful. After all this that child had a strong desire to become successful and with his persistence he became successful. The best example for his persistence was invention of light bulb. That child was Thomas Edison who failed around 1000 times before inventing a bulb. He did not give up, worked with persistence and finally invented a light bulb.

Another example of persistence is of Colonel Sanders who after getting bankrupt at the age of 65 by taking his mother special fried chicken recipe moved in search of a partner who can help him to make his mother recipe famous. Very few showed interest to his recipe and was rejected 1009 times. Finally after all the rejections and with his efforts and persistence he got one yes and he became millionaire later. Today KFC has become such huge brand in the world that you all know. KFC became worldwide famous just because of Colonel’s persistence.

NO= 1009, Yes = 1

Similarly even if you want to fulfill your dreams continue doing with persistence till your dreams did not become the reality. No matter how many problems you face just convert your dreams into reality because you can seriously do it.

9-The Power of Master Mind

We humans become average because of those 5 people we spend most of our time with. Means if you spend your time with 5 positive people there are more chances of you becoming successful but if you spend your time with unsuccessful and negative people there are lot of chances of you to become unsuccessful and negative. This is literally very important point and you must understand it properly and clearly. Most of time it happens if you notice unsuccessful people always surrounded by negative people. They always discourage them and always talk negative. Due to this even after learning understanding good things and thoughts they are not able to do anything good. On the other side successful people spend their time with positive and encouraging people. They talk positive, always encourage them and help them to move ahead in life. We humans are social creatures whether you accept it or not and get influenced by the people with whom we are surrounded with.

Example: In a person’s group if every individual smokes there are higher chances even that person starts smoking at some point of time. Hence try to spend maximum of your time with people who are positive and successful.

Many people claims that they learn many new things but could not implement in their life. The solution is to be with people who all are already doing these things by looking them or with whom you can follow easily by observing and discussing with them, will make such implementation easier for you.

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