One Minute Manager Book Summary – Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson

one minute manager book summary

A person decided to become a good manager and leader in any case because he had realized that to progress more and excel in life these two skills are necessary

  • Management Skills
  • Leadership Skills

To achieve something big in life we need help from other people and we should also know how to deal with them. If we don’t have good management and leadership skills there will be no good results.

So this person started finding such perfect manager who helps him to learn these skills or perhaps start working for him. He started visiting companies and interviewed many managers in different cities and countries but he could not find a single perfect manager with such effectiveness and skills. These managers were only of two types:

  • Autocratic Managers:- Organization win but People Lose

A Manager whose ultimate aim is to generate only profit for the company but employees did not like such type of managers. They could not make their people happy. You may win but at the stake of your employees.

  • Democratic Managers:- People win but organization lose

These managers think about their employees first and then about the company. These kinds of managers are supportive and people mostly like them. In this case employees will be happy but companies could not get desired results and profit.

No doubt there were few such managers he was looking for but they were not agreed to interview. He was disappointed and came back to home and started thinking if there is any such manager he could ever find who will teach him perfect management and leadership skills.

Finding One Minute Manager

One day he came to know about a manager in near town. Every one praised that manager and wanted to work with him. He was good with his employees and also making profit for his company. The man doubted first about such manager but decided to give a shot. He got appointment from manager very easily and thought what a great manager with so much free time.

Anyhow the man decided to meet that manager and asked his usual question upon meeting him, he used to ask from every manager in past

How would you describe yourself as a manager? The manager replied that I am One Minute Manager. The man was surprised to hear such strange answer. He already had multiple answers for the same question but answers lies between Autocratic or Democratic Manager categories. This was a different kind of manager. Man asked what you mean by “One Minute Manager”. Manager smiled and told this is what I call myself because it took me less time to get big results from people. You can talk to my people and you will come to know.

Man met Mr.Trenell and realizes that this one minute manager concept is absolutely true but he has to follow 3 one minute secrets


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Secret 01.One Minute Goal Setting is the foundation for one minute management. 80% important results will come from 20% goals using 80-20 goal setting rule. We can make people really excited about their work by making it clear what actually we want from them

This is known as one minute goal setting and to apply this secret you have to do following things

  • Agree on your Goals. Clear understanding of every goal of a company and employees. Often there are different goals of companies and employees and no one can achieve success
  • See What Good Behavior Looks Like: Everyone should agree on common goals, everyone should know how they should work, behave and how their work should be looks like
  • Write each goal on one paper with less than 250 words
  • Read Re Read taking one Minute. You can easily read your goals in one minute with 250 words.
  • Take 1 minute out once a while to look at performance. While working on your goals you should take a minute to check if you are working on your goals properly
  • See whether or not your behavior matches your goal. Check if your behavior is matching with ideal behavior or not

Upon meeting with Mr.Levy revealed secret number two to become a one minute manager

Secret 02.One Minute Praising People produce good results when they feel good about themselves. One minute praising works when you:

  1. Tell them that you will give honest feedback to them
  2. Praise people immediately for their good work
  3. People criticize immediately but delay positive feedback or even don’t like to appreciate by which people don’t work nicely and don’t feel like working as well, so always praise immediately.
  4. Tell People specifically what they did right
  5. Tell them how good you feel about the work they did right and how it was important
  6. Stop for a moment of silence to let them feel how good you feel
  7. Encourage them to do more of the same

After knowing the second secret the man was very much excited and visited Mrs. Brown to reveal the 3rd secret.

Secret 03.One Minute Reprimand is final secret to be an effective manager. “The number one motivator for people is feedback on results” One Minute Reprimand works well when you

First part of reprimands

  1. Tell people about their mistake. Formal expression for disapproval.
  2. Reprimand people immediately. Do not collect people mistake to burst out on a single event instead tell them about their mistake immediately
  3. Tell specifically what they did wrong
  4. Tell people how you feel about their mistake
  5. Stay silent for few seconds to let them know your feeling

Second part of reprimands

  • Shake hand, Touch them in a way to let them know what you support them
  • Remind them how much you value them
  • Reaffirm that you value them but not happy with that work
  • Remember when reprimand is over, it’s over

According to author there are three choices for a manager to get the most out of an employee

  1. Hire a winner
  2. Hire someone with a potential to be a winner and then train them accordingly
  3. Prayer

What you think the best option among these three? The option number 2 is best. Unfortunately most of the companies spend 50-70% of their money on people’s salaries but spend less than 1% to train people.


It has been said that “The best minute I spend is the one I invest in people.” Effective managers manage themselves and the people they work with so that both the organization and the people profit from their presence. So, in summary, how can you give yourself and others “the gift” of getting greater results in less time?

  1. Set goals
  2. Praise and reprimand behaviors
  3. Encourage people
  4. Speak the truth
  5. Laugh, work, enjoy

“Everyone is a potential winner. Some people are disguised as losers…don’t let their appearance fool you.”



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