Internships – Your Way to get a Job In 2017

Why Internship is Important?

Landing a job for fresh graduates and college students is not an easy task especially in this tough economy. They spend weeks or months on job portals but no avail. What actually need to do is find an internship. It is the easiest way to get full time job as 72% companies offer full time jobs to their interns according to recent survey.

According to a survey conducted and polled more than 7000 students and over 300 HR managers and recruiters, results showed that internships have become “the new interview” in the job search process for students and employers equally. As a student or fresh graduate best thing is not to be a part of unemployed or underemployed statistics is to start an internship.

“You have 3 out of 5 chances to be hired by the company you interned with”

Usefulness of Internships

An internship is also a test drive for fresh graduates in their career before committing and starting a job. Job seekers can find a full time job opportunity meanwhile employers can find the talent they are actually looking for to grow their business instead of conducting and relying on interviews. That’s why an employer can make recruiting decision because in most of the cases these entry level employees shape the future of a company.

Start Right Now

If you have missed internship boat don’t regret starting now should be even better. 53% of the surveyed employers said that now they expect to hire more interns than previous years. Now more companies offer internships and that number is expected to rise in the following years.

Do you ever think about virtual internship? Yes it exists.

An interesting survey showed that 33% percent of employers now hire virtual interns. Virtual internships have space that must be filled by students and young graduates. Virtual internships give flexibility to the students and they can perform their task anywhere and anytime. Now students also understand the importance of internships more than ever before. Virtual internships provide them an opportunity to gain valuable experience outside the box of college and school.

Survey also showed that 68% employers give more importance to relevant work experience and interview performance.  These are most important factors in hiring and making final decision for any employer other than strong academic performance in most of the cases because they want to make sure that candidate is good fit for their company.


No doubt experience is an important entity whether one get through a part time or full time job or even through an internship but what about a student who never did any internship or could find a job and he want to take a start for his career? In such cases you need to develop some skills during school or college. The employer will look into his learning at school, course work, relevant subjects and extracurricular activities