How to Get a Start Up Internship

Best way to get an internship at any start-up is to contact the founders of that start-up with an example of, if you have built something.

A Short Story

A friend of mine told me that he has an intern who has made intense contribution to an open source R project for statistical computing. A professor sent them a note that links to his work and they hired him for their team. Now he is a part of best team of engineers.

Take a Start

If still you have not built something to show up, then you must start and devote your weekend or assign certain hours to your work to create something valuable that demonstrate you and your work equally.

How to start

You can also get internship offers from other start-ups by sending emails, calling, or contact them through their social media profiles like Facebook and LinkedIn. Explain yourself with a cover letter, email or a phone call.

  • Be ready for another interview.
  • Schedule your time during summer, winter or spring.
  • Get ready to meet and to interview with them.

Most of them could be busy, but they will not fly you down when you will meet them in most certain cases.

Remain Persistent

No need to be afraid of rejection. You may be rejected or messed up by a technical question. Sometimes it happens because you could not do your homework or could not answer the questions about their core product.

Sometimes you go through a series of interviews with every technical question and love every minute of your interview. You may be introduced to the founders and companies and they do their best to sell an internship.

You may get a call telling you that you were amazing, they are not taking interns right now, but they will keep in touch.

Few Quick Recommendations:

Be Active on Social Media and Web Services

Many potential employers do first thing is Google you.  If you don’t have any sort of online presence or easy online contact, chances are that you do not fit very well with a tech company (of course  there are exceptions to this rule). You should use all online available services in the space you think to get into.

Be Authentic and Have an Opinion

Try to present some facts of what you want over the internet but when people meet you in real life they will discover whether your presence is authentic or not.  When you show for a meeting up at any start-up, know what they do and think how you can help. Also figure out their background and culture. A great example is Tristan Walker’s story.

Demonstrate Your Enthusiasm

It’s good to be excited about start-ups but you also need to be persistent.

Make Standout Resume

Your resume must have work experience or side projects. Many resumes just include semester projects. Start-ups are more interested in open source contributions or projects you have built yourself.

Show Up

Start-ups also host happy hours and networking events. If you want to work for a specific start-up -show up at their events.

Hack on the Company

If I met a student who told me that he had made an improvement to our software, application, website or if he could do it. I probably hire him on the spot. It would also demonstrate the technologies we are using and knowledge of our business.

During initial phone screens hiring managers look for several key points with internship candidates. Be yourself what you are genuinely and be prepared for the internship opportunity.

For Example:

  • Show that you can contribute with an existing team during a short period of time.
  • Research about the company and its products or services. Consider how you can help them to improve.
  • Communicate with a genuine interest and show enthusiasm for their projects.
  • Ask about the work you would be involved during internship.
  • Ask for advice about courses, projects, professors and seminars you should pursue in your university to prepare for internship.
  • Discuss whether there will be a continuing relationship with company after internship finished.


The biggest thing that you can give to yourself is an advantage of interesting internships. You must have a public footprint on internet world. Blog posts about relevant topics, LinkedIn profile, Quora questions and answers, interesting tweets. Many hiring managers look into all these sources.