Eat That Frog Book Summary by Brian Tracy

Eat That Frog Book Summary

Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done in Less Time

Imagine if there was situation where you had to eat a frog every single day. At what time of the day would you eat that frog?

Brian Tracy  the CEO and consultant of many successful companies says that the best time to eat this frog will be early in the morning right after you wake up. This is because eating the frog is a difficult task and if you get it out of the way early in the morning then you can spend the rest of your day being more productive.

The frog represents whatever important work you have which needs to be completed as soon as possible. Most of the time we delay our most important work by procrastinating. We think we will do it later once we have more energy or may be in the second half of the day.

All this does increase your stress and makes you more unproductive. Another reason behind completing the task early in the morning is that our willpower is the highest in the morning and then decreases throughout the day. So we can take advantage of this and use our willpower and its maximum to finish our work. You must have noticed when we finishing doing some work especially and important task, we feel good and relaxed.

This happens because our brain releases endorphin which makes us feel good and relaxed. Now in order to be more successful we need to take this process of completing a task and feeling relaxed as a positive addiction and make it our habit because completing an important task daily will make us feel good and also increase our confidence and self-esteem.

The author has shown many practical ways to make this happen some of which will be described here so that you could start applying immediately. Through these steps you can make a proper use of your time and achieve your goals and success with ease.

Let’s Begin

Principle No.01 Setting the Table

One of the most important reason why we do not utilize our time properly and procrastinate is confusion and lack of clarity. For example when I get confused about which book I should write summary I get more distracted by other work and waste more time. When I decide what next book summary will be about then I utilize my time properly. Similarly if you want to use your time properly and want to become more successful then you need to be very clear about your goals and targets. To do this accurately you need to follow seven step procedures.

7 steps for goal setting and achievement
Step 1 Decide Exactly What Do You Want

You should decide what exactly what it is that you want with regards to your financial life, your health, your relationships and your social life and also be very clear about other important aspects of your life about your goals. This way you can avoid wasting your time and hard work on things that were not your goals in the first place

Step2: Think on Paper

Only three percent of people write their goals on paper and this habit increases the chances of completing your goals by 5 to 10 percent. Our brain is not very good at strong data but it is very good at creating new ideas and information. So try to make a habit of writing all your important and creative ideas down on paper.

Step 3 – Make Deadlines

After writing your goals and ideas on paper, give a deadline. It is very important to give a deadline to something if you really want to complete that task or work. Otherwise you will keep delaying it.
Step 4 – Make a List

Make a list of all the work which needs to be done for achieving your goals.

Step 5 – Organize

Organize the list and make plans after making a list of all the work which comes in your mind. Organize it properly and then make a simple plan how you will finish the work.

Step 6 – Take Action on Your Plane

After making the plan take action immediately because an average plan with an execution is much better compare to a great plan with no execution. Do not think more about this just take action because at the end of the day only action will give you result, not planning.

Step 7 – Resolve yourself to do Things Every Day that Moves You towards Your Goals.

Learn new skills which will help you complete your target. At least do a little bit of work every day which will bring you one step closer to your goals.

This was a seven step procedure which is very helpful for setting your goals and achieving them.

Principle No 2: Plan every day in advance

Time management has a six P formula which says proper prior planning prevents poor performance before starting any work. Just a few minutes of planning a lot of your time and can make your work easier and help you complete it faster. This is because having no plan can create a huge mess which will force us to procrastinate. Now let’s talk about action. How should we plan things in order to take action. For this we have to make a list as we described in earlier principle.

For now we will only make four lists

1st Master List – which include all lifetime work, goals etc.

In the master list you have to write your overarching goals and targets which you want to achieve in your life like starting your own company, going on a world tour, or getting a perfect body or losing your 20 kg weight.

2nd Monthly List – work that need to be done in a month to achieve master list goals
At least one task which can help you complete one of the most important tasks from the master list. e.g make a product, lose 2 kg weight in gym, bill payment etc.

3rd Weekly List – work that need to be done in a week to achieve monthly list goals .
In this list you have to write all steps and tasks which you need to complete in a week. All the work which will help you to complete your monthly start making a product etc

Last and 4th day list – works that need to finished today itself for week goals completion

In this list you have to write all the tasks which you need to finish today which will help you to complete at least a part of your weekly learn how to make a product, exercise for an hour etc.

You should always prepare your list in advance. For example you should prepare your list for tomorrow tonight. Similarly prepare your weekly monthly and yearly list in advance and if there any change is required you can add them later.

Principle No.3 : ABCDE Technique

One of the ways in which we waste our time is by doing something very well that don’t need to be done at all. ABCDE is very simple and effective technique which ensures that we utilize our time effectively. After making the lists the next step will be to mark every task with one of the alphabets. Mark all your important work under alphabet A, if it won’t get completed you have to face serious consequences. Mark all the tasks less important tasks than A as B and if you don’t complete them it will create some problems. Mark all the tasks as alphabets C which would be good for you to complete but will not cause any problem if you don’t complete them.

If any task can be done by someone else then you should mark it as D and any task which is useless and does not need to be completed you should mark it as E. After marking the work as for the alphabets ABCDE then your priority will be to complete the work which is marked under A. These tasks will be like eating the frog early in the morning. Now if there is more than one task which are marked a A then you can divide them as A1, A2, A3 etc. Where A1 has the most priority, A2 has lesser priority and so on. These are some of the tips on time management and smart work from Brian Tracy’s book Eat That Frog.