6 Fears That Can Destroy You from the book Think and Grow Rich


Which One Fear Do You Have?

Whether we are informed or not but there are three biggest enemies in our life who always fight with us. They just don’t want us to complete or achieve our goals and dreams because not making us complete is their goal. The person who lose the fight or surrender themselves in from of those three enemies unfortunately will never be able to do anything good in their lives. But people who fight and defeat them achieves a lot in their life and world admire them. Now question is who are these three enemies? Amongst all the three the first and the biggest one is fear, second one in INDECISION and third one is DOUBT.

Our Three Enemies:  1- FEAR  ———>  2-  INDECISION ———>3-  DOUBT

All three enemies are very dangerous for us because of two reasons.

1- The first is they are very much connected to each other  because of which they help each other to grow more and trap the person under a downward spiral and person falls down and down and does not able to grow. Meaning the biggest enemy which is fear, starts bringing indecision in human life, means does not allow a person to take a strong decision and nor allow to work on it by sticking to that decision. This indecision grows doubt, when a person does not take a proper decision he starts doubting himself. This made him more doubtful and makes him feel more afraid and scared. Similarly this cycle keeps on repeating.

2- The second reason is that most of the people don’t even know that these three enemies are the reason behind their miserable life which is slowly and gradually spoiling their lives and unable to do anything in their life. Because of these reasons, it is very important for us to finish and destroy these enemies.

Now to defeat any enemy first thing is that you should know everything about your enemy. Till the time you don’t know much about your enemy, chances of defeating him will be very less.

Example: Till the time doctor does not know about the patient disease, curing becomes very difficult even if doctor is an expert.

Hence today I will share detail knowledge about fear, about its symptoms and causes, why it happens, everything in details and you will come to know whether any fear is there inside you or not. Most of the time people could not know about their fears that exist deep inside them. In the last I will also share how you can overcome your fears.

However people have different types of fear but here in this book Think and Grow Rich Napoleon Hill says about the 6 most common and the biggest fears from which we must protect ourselves because one of these or their combination is the biggest reason behind spoiling the life of the most people. Find out your fear and share in comments.


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Think and Grow Rich- Book Summary


1-Fear of Poverty

Money is still the most powerful thing of the world. Money is connected to every aspect of our life. Whether you like it or not, every ordinary person requires money to fulfill his basic necessities. People who have money have respect, power and can dominate politics and entire world. People with money can utilize the most valuable thing that is time according to their desires.  On the other hand people with no money don’t get respect, they can’t afford food, clothes and house. They could not get much time to do other things and their personal life gets spoiled. There are many other reasons because of which fear of not having money, fear of poverty is very destructive. That’s why Napoleon Hill has kept it as number one. The worst part here is the fear of not having money does not allow a person to earn money.

Example: Everyone knows that business has lot of money, business is a great source of earning money but very few people show courage and starts a business because this fear of poverty keeps person afraid from deep inside like if business gets flop, will be in loss, will get bankrupt and will become poor. Hence they like to keep them safe in a comfort zone by doing a job. Even they know this is not good for them but they are scared to take any action or initiative.

Some symptoms of fear of poverty

  • Indifference – Meaning afraid of doing something different
  • Indecision – Meaning allowing others to take their life’s decisions.
  • Envy – Getting jealous of other’s success, finding fault in everything.
  • Overspending – To spend more than the status
  • Procrastinate – Mentally and physically laziness, delay to take actions

2-Fear of Criticism

Has this happened to you during school or college time when your class teacher or professor has asked you a question in class and you know the answer of that question but you did not stand up to answer because at that time you were thinking if I stand up and give answer but if it goes wrong all will laugh at me, all will make fun of me. While thinking this other student stands up and gives the same answer which you were thinking to give for which teacher give compliment to that student. Later you regret about it, Oh man I should have given the answer. This is the best example for fear of criticism and of its outcome.

Every person has the capability of doing something special, something huge in his life which even he is aware of from deep inside. But the fear of criticism, fear of if he does not get success or does not achieve something huge what other will think about him. Because of all this he never shows the courage to take action while other people take the same action and becomes successful. People who fears, always regret in life. No one wants that people who talked bad about them or criticize them or make fun of them not even in jokes because when somebody criticize him that thing makes the person uncomfortable. Even many people go under depression and stress after listening to continuous criticism. That’s why people get so scared and afraid of criticism that they never live their life as per the way they want.

If talk about the symptoms of criticism there is

  • Lack of confidence in any particular field or area can be a big indication of fear of criticism.
  • Keeping views, ideas, opinion with in them, not sharing is also the symptom.
  • Lack of personality and poise – Feeling nervous in front of others. Always saying yes for other view and opinion etc.


7 Habits of Highly Effective People Book Summary

Think and Grow Rich- Book Summary


3-The Fear of Illness

A famous doctor has told that 70% of people who came to him for treatment were suffering of nothing but hypochondria mean an imaginary disease that does not exist in reality but still people think they are ill. This is also a good example of fear of ill health. No one like to be ill, because at time of illness, person feels so bad that the world’s best thing look bad to that person. As you know that health is wealth. If we have a good health we have everything. Illness not only creates tension about health but also about wastage of time, money and many tensions. That’s why this is also a huge fear which trapped many people.

Symptoms of fear of ill health

  • Suspecting Diseases-People who have this fear in them they mostly search symptoms of diseases and illness by searching through Google and gets afraid. Do I have any major illness?
  • Regular Medicine- They start eating medicines for every small thing. They always say I am not feeling good for every small thing to get attention. They talk negatively to themselves.

4-Fear of Loss of Love

Love is the most important and powerful emotion which is much needed by every human for a happy life. You all must be aware of how powerful love is. When a person gets love, because of it he can smile and laugh at the worst situation, can fight the bad situation, survive and move ahead in life. This emotional fulfillment becomes so important for people that when they don’t get love they feel bad. They do lot of bad things to themselves and in some extreme conditions even commit suicide. Fear of losing loved ones could be the most painful thing in any person’s life. This fear amongst 6 has been considered the most painful one because in this people can’t control their mind and body. Hence this fear can create a lot of problems in people’s life.

People who have this kind of fear has symptoms somewhat like this

Getting Jealous easily, doubting everyone, doubting partner for no reason, not trusting friends or anyone, overspending, unable to control emotions.

5-Fear of Old Age

Most of the people get afraid by thinking about the old age because they have the mentality like old age means facing health issue, illness disease not able to earn money, getting dependent on others physically, emotionally and economically. Being burden on others, will become less attractive and won’t have much respect and thinking many other negative things about old. These things develop fear in them and stuck to their heart and mind and usually pray to God that they die before the old age.

Symptoms-Wearing young people’s style clothes, became narrow minded and slow in their life. Feeling less from others, having false believe that they are becoming low because their age. Instead of gratitude feel pity for them and feel that life’s good time has ended.

6-Fear of Death

Because of some obvious reason, most of the people find this fear the most cruel. Nobody knows at the time of death how they will feel, how much death will hurt them and what all things will happen to them after they die. Similarly not knowing many things develop fear in many people.

In the past this fear used to be more but now its reducing. To some extent this fear is good because most of the people don’t do bad things or evil things just by thinking that one day they will die and if they do bad things in this world then worst things could happen to them after they die.

Symptoms- Most of the times symptoms of ill health related to this fear, thinking about death and getting afraid always, instead of living life happily, thinking if I die what will happen to my closed and loved ones etc.


Now the problem for all these fears is that they does not do anything good to the people and these fears paralyses them. They are not able to take any actions, nor able to do anything good for themselves and for others in life. Hence it is very important for us to know how to deal with all these fears. One more important thing is that these fears develop worry, stress, depression inside us that is very dangerous for us.

If you have any of the fear amongst these and it worries you then read “How to stop worrying and start living” Here you will learn few practical steps which you can follow and can overcome your any kind of fear and worry.


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Think and Grow Rich- Book Summary